Meet Amberly!

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am! Finding someone who was equally as excited about the beauty industry as myself is so refreshing! The moment I met Amberly I knew she was going to be a perfect fit. Her contagious smile and positive, hard working attitude is what makes her stand out. Not to mention how talented she is! I have asked her to introduce herself and I know you will love her as much as I do!

- Stephanie


As a licensed cosmetologist and teacher I am proud to be a part of the this beauty team!  My obsession for hair and makeup started at a very young age when I would try to curl my entire collection of baby doll and Barbie’s hair.  All of them would end up with melted hair then drawn on makeup with markers!  By age 10 I was begging my parents to let me color my hair every color of the rainbow and would get into my older sister’s makeup case.  I didn't consider beauty as a career till later on in life. At the age of 24 I decided I wanted to use my skills to do something I love and make other people happy.  I believe that doing what makes you happy enables you to be better at that job.  

While attending one of the best cosmetology schools in the area I was drawn more towards the art of styling and makeup application than color and cutting.  After years of hard work and training I have perfected my techniques to specialize in special event hairstyling with experience in makeup application. As a hairstylist I love to use my creative talent and make people feel beautiful.  Now I have that opportunity working with Stephanie and I am very excited to get started!!!